stylish blogger.

the other day, i received an e-mail from joybird that said she gave me the stylish blogger award.


i was certainly surprised. and humbled. and then really excited because part of the deal was that i got to pass on the award and then share with you guys some blogs i'm really enjoying lately. take a look at the list. read my favorite post from their blogs. and then please, show some love to these amazingly talented ladies.

i'm also suppose to share with you seven things you may not know about me. so this post will be one of lists...and fun ones.

you may not know....

- i didn't share any of my writing until college when russ & i started dating. he was the first person to read my poems.  i still get wobbly-kneed and sweaty palmed whenever i read something of mine out loud or when i hit that darn "publish" button.

- when i was in elementary school i played the part of an orphan girl in the gospel according to scrooge, a play my church performed every christmas. that year, we moved from our church to the lila crockell theatre. i thought i hit it big when i walked in the dressing room and there was a lit mirror just for me.

- i'm scared to finish my manuscript

- i despise the book to kill a mockingbird

- when i start laughing really, really hard i snort. and cry. and usually need a drag from an inhaler.

- i've seen my guardian angel

- the reason i feel led to adopt is not because i want to be a mother. it's because God is telling me it's time.

and i now dub these bloggers stylish:

1. erinbeth - i met erinbeth on twitter. we talked about living in a commune and i promised her i wouldn't eat her hummus. and then we had coffee together and became friends. now, our lives parallel the other more than i ever thought possible. i cherish her friendship and love her authenticity in her writing. it's because of her vulnerability in sharing her story that i found the courage to accept my own. favorite post: yesday

2. prudence - the first time i "met" prudence, she left a comment on a post about adoption - the post that began my heart's realization of my future children waiting on my obedience. i knew we'd be fast friends after checking out her blog, and my instincts were correct. i now don't go a day without an encouraging text from her and can't wait to see where her dream of orphan advocacy lands her. favorite post: my name is gomer

3. so much shouting, so much laughter - i am fairly new to reading this blog consistently, but oh man. it's goodness. i love the series on stories of the broken church she is cultivating on tuesdays, and the poems she pens for five minute fridays. [yeah. poems. in five minutes. and they're good.]  favorite post: wake up, o sleeper

4. beautifully broken - have you read lauren's blog? because you need to - now. it's been awhile since i've met someone so vulnerable and willing to lay everything bare - including her absolute need for the Cross. her posts are raw, unwavering and hold true to her blog's name. the reason i love lauren so much is that she knows the beauty lies in her breaking, and she's willing to accept this truth...even if it means pain. favorite post: Jesus wept & so should i

5. lauren nicole love - lauren is awesome for a number of reasons... like her vow to answer e-mails in five sentences, the fact that she shares my middle name and her love of all things beauty - like coffee. but she's also honest, and she also understands that Christ uses our messiness to bring Him glory. i started reading her blog a couple months ago and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. favorite post: love was the plan

6. Amber Haines - there's really so much i could say about amber and her blog the runamuck - her writing is always fresh, always honest. she's taking a breather this week to move, but seriously check out her space if you haven't yet. she makes me excited to be a mom and thankful for this gift of words, even if it means my feeler is over-exerted on more than one occasion.  favorite post: the broken run to the broken for light

7. mary kathryn tyson - i have no idea how i stumbled upon mary's blog. but i'm glad i did. since finding her this fall, this girl has blessed me in so many ways...including mailing me a goodie bag of epic proportions when i was feeling less than beautiful. even though we've never met personally, i'm so thankful for her friendship - so thankful for her willingness to speak truth into the lives of her readers. favorite post: yip yip dogs & styrofoam walls

8. through this lens - when i first read april's writing, i was moved to tears. she guest posted for deeper story about her healing from sexual abuse, and i read it on a morning i questioned my ability to make it through the day without crying. her post reminded me it's okay to not be okay, and her blog oozes the healing power of Jesus. favorite post: it happened to me

9. raining silence - there have only been a few posts heather's written that i've read. i just recently found her blog through emily's imperfect prose & lisa-jo's five minute fridays. her prose though is beautiful - particularly her verse. i love the honesty i see in her words - i'll definitely be visiting often. favorite post: canvas in the corner

10. kendal - there are a few people who are as encouraging as kendal. whenever i experience a particularly painful moment and i wrestle with those emotions online, she is one of my people who remind me i'm not alone. and she's a brilliant writer - i love her poems she pens on her blog. favorite post: taking flight


what blogs are you reading lately?

Posted on March 29, 2011 .