i don't have many words lately.  i think most of this points to my own processing. sunday night, three hours before driving to the airport to pick up russ, i found myself staring at blank journal pages. i just couldn't find the words to describe what i felt, what i knew, what i believed. i was talking with a friend yesterday about the overwhelmingness of these past few weeks. there's just no way for me to comprehend the hand of God being so explicitly present in my life, i said. she agreed. she then looked at me, smiled, and responded

perhaps He's just wanting to give you a reprieve.

i agree. so many realizations about who i am in Him and how He's rescued me...i need time to find the words. i need space to breathe and moments to rest in these truths.

so i'll wait.

what...and WHO...are you waiting on lately? take a few moments and allow Him to speak over you.


Posted on March 23, 2011 .