by His hand.

i remember moments in the past where i'd look at a friend and say "it's a miracle i didn't suffer from an eating disorder growing up."

normally, i'd say this in response to their incredulity over something said to me by a family member. i meant every word. i just didn't know the how far-reaching my dependency on food was at the time - how much of a coping mechanism - a way to eat my pain.

despite this, i see His hand protecting me time and time again throughout my life.

and wouldn't this be so typical of His love - revealing to one who suffers from feelings of abandonment and wondering where her rescue is - that Rescue was here all along.

and so, with ann i give thanks for His provision and protection...


{0060} holding my hand in the darkest night, showing me the thin shimmer of light peaking through and making room

{0061} granting wisdom to doctors when no one else took the time or seemed to know

{0062} holding me up through the pain and with the surgeon's hand days before i was to leave for africa

{0063} in gravel road villages of jolli gilbert

{0064} closing my heart's eyes when i didn't need to see

{0065} opening them when it was time to heal

{0066} the height and breadth and scope of how well my husband knows me...and loves me still

{0067} panera conversations and common ground in speaking truth

{0068} promises of broken cycles and gospel-redemption

[caption id="attachment_1780" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="number 21 - crossed off"][/caption]

{0069} crossing off lists and feeling free

{0070} knowing Resistance is just another way for us to know where to go

{0071} nopales and eggs in bed

{0072} good news from ethiopia

{0073} beginning to share the story He's birthed me

{0074} sabbath-evenings of hope-filled emails and dreaming wide-awake

{0075} being reminded that He will finish this.


what do you have to be thankful for? share it with us?

Posted on April 4, 2011 .