friends and family.

prudence came to visit this weekend. when i started writing my fifty{before}thirty list, it only made sense for me to put face time with prudy on there. we met via the blogosphere last january when she commented on a post i wrote about haiti's earthquake.

ever since then, it's been instant friendship.

so this past weekend, her and her husband packed their bags and left home for a short vacation in austin. we drank lots of coffee, ate some awesome local food, introduced them to our closest friends and spent some time worshipping together.

after a get-together at the house, one of our friends was sitting on our couch talking with shawn & prudence. i had no idea you guys had never really met, he said. and i had to laugh. he went on to tell us he thought we had known each other for awhile - years even.

it's amazing the connection you can experience with fellow believers if you allow yourself. in the bible, jonathan & david experienced a bond closer than that of brothers - and i expect we can feel the same if we get past our misgivings about relationships and personal space. it's why russ & i typically have an open-door policy and have housed vagabonds for a cause and summer-wanderers and those we've only met through twitter/blogs. it seems strange. i know. but some of these people have become mentors to us {here's looking at you, dawn} and others have inspired us with simple living and scandalous grace {ic roadies}. we've gone on midnight chalking escapades, mimicked awkward family photo ops, had impromptu dance parties and discussed theology, hopes and dreams over many, many cups of coffee.

and this past weekend was no different. somewhere between us being serenaded by the mariachi band and our walk down SoCo, i realized the body of Christ has an opportunity to come together like never before. yes, social media can be addicting and noisy and distracting.

but for the first time, i'm realizing what Church really means. it's not in a building or just a select group of superstars - it's a family.

and whether you live across the street or in nyc, i want you to feel at home when you walk through my door.

Posted on April 21, 2011 .