if i could...

gypsy mama does something fun on fridays for those of us fighting for words. i love the prompts but for some reason, i don't always get around to posting. today, i didn’t forget. i’m taking the time to set aside five minutes and allowing myself the freedom to just write and not worry if it’s just right. click the button above to read all the posts and to join in on the fun. i promise - it's not hard. five minutes. no thinking...just writing.

wanna join us? today's prompt is if i knew i could, i would...


there's a stack of papers on my dresser.

i saw the stack yesterday and my heart started beating faster than normal. i paused for just a second and allowed myself a moment to scan the pages. so much time invested in the story between my fingers, and i wondered if anyone else would ever read it.

this is what i'd do if i could. i'd swallow my fear and open up the dormant file on my computer. i'd allow emotions to come alive again and i'd breath into the characters i attached myself to for months but have purposefully forgotten. for so long, i poured every ounce of creativity into this manuscript.

i never thought it would serve as a dust collector underneath folded laundry.


Posted on April 29, 2011 .