mighty to save.

we gathered together, thousands singing for the glory of the risen King. and just in case i forgot, we declared Him stronger while children from africa danced with glee. somewhere during mighty to save with their small hands lifted sky-high and their eyes closed, i fell in love with the song again. i thought of breezy sunday mornings in an african slum and voices echoing around me, of eyes full of curiosity looking my way as russ strummed his guitar next to me. i didn't always love this song. over-played and taken for granted, the meaning was lost until heard from the lips of  those who have nothing but truly know the meaning of full surrender.


with ann, giving thanks:

0076: exuberant joy on the faces of the african children's choir as they joined us in worship

0077: breakdancing and worship

0078: devonte's easter basket

0079: netipots and sinus rinses {because let's just be honest...allergies in austin are ridiculous right now.}

0080: community and family dinners

0081: cascarones and parties in your hair

0082: our neighborhood coming to life as the sun sets behind the street

0083: date nights and thai food with my man

0084: devonte walking away from being hit by a truck while riding his bike

0085: three-hour naps

0086: quiet evenings spent writing

0087: jesus juking with devonte

0088: watching russ continue to build his dream

0089: summer being just around the corner

0090: nights filled with story and food and friends

what are you thankful for this morning?


Posted on April 25, 2011 .