what dreams are made of

i got to see him live his dream this weekend. whites pressed, face intent, he cut and chopped and created and didn't stop to breathe until we walked into our own little date-night respite at the end of the evening.

you guys absolutely killed it they said.

but i know who really did all the work.

it makes me all glowy inside watching him work and live out what makes him alive - makes me want to  go all crazy myself and chase after the one thing that quickens my breath.

i think about two years ago this week. fresh on the banks of a new adventure, he threw caution to the wind and quit his job to travel the country with complete strangers in the name of love. i drove down the highway and slept on government lawns while he shook hands with senators and laughed at dirty musicians taking the time to speak on behalf of children who've never known peace. every night, i'd talk to him and get the latest scoop - which sidewalk he slept on, which church opened their doors or which twitter friend came through in a pinch.

and then i think about him flying home after breaking bread with strangers-turned-friends on the streets of chicago and us packing our lives to move once more. i think of night-classes and opposite schedules and waiting until the weekend when i could see him and lots of tears and hard roads and misunderstandings.

as i watched him this weekend do what he's made to do, i thought to myself just how lucky i am that he's my husband and the father of our future children. i got giddy thinking of him looking them in the eye and sharing with them stories that'll seem crazy and i'll just have to sit and laugh and agree because goodness i was there and i promise he's not making this up and he'll look at them all and tell them what dreams are made of and will remind them of that spark inside that tells you to do crazy things.

because most times? that spark is the one thing that keeps us sane.


oh and - congratulations, katy! you won the copy of half the church. e-mail me your address?

Posted on April 11, 2011 and filed under fluttering pulses.