if we had world enough and time

there's this poem i love by andrew marvell called to his coy mistress. the first stanza builds a beautiful picture of what the speaker would do had he the world and enough time to spend with his loved one. for years he'd gaze at her face, and for years he'd spend on every part of her. they'd travel the fields and soak in the sun and have no worries about the ticking of time's expectations.

i think about that stanza and get giddy. yes...this...i think and i smile when daydreams take over. because who wouldn't want world enough and time with the one who steals their thoughts throughout the day?

it amazes me sometimes how easy it is to fall into a routine where romance and adventure take the backseat to monotony and weariness. although i'm a sucker for romantic gestures far too often i go for familiar - dinner. movie. ice cream. it's like a broken record. and there's this whole wide world ready to be explored and well...i like to keep it safe.

but have i told you lately? i'm kinda getting sick of safe.

we don't have little ones tripping over themselves trying to steal away our attention from each other. but i know one day we will. and i want to start habits now - creating a place of refuge and peace within our relationship, taking the time needed to show him how much i love him and appreciate him...and i'm learning how. i'm understanding my life is not my own and my home is where he is - six years into marriage, i'm realizing how much work this takes. but it's so, so worth it to see the smile on his face as he looks me in the eye.

within a week, the stale humid air will remind us of summer months. it's the first summer of our marriage that we both have off - no commitments outside of a few trainings. i'm giddy with excitement and hell-bent on respite and renewal.

so friday, between giggles and watching a storm blow in, we created a wish list for future date nights - choosing to be intentional.

we have some pretty good ideas. hot balloon rides, margarita crawls, midnight picnics and ziplining through the trees are among some of my favorites. and we can't forget the simple ones - the bread making and the fort nights and harry potter marathons - because money won't always be an option. most of all, i can't wait for the memories. the belly laughter and the whisper of his finger on my own - letting me know he's with me. because i know he is - i know he's always been there. and the thought of crossing new adventures off our list just seems so incredibly romantic to me because it means time together.

and if i can't make the sun stand still, the least i can do is make him run.

Posted on May 23, 2011 and filed under marriage.