so i begin

i have an idea brewing. part of me needs to start it. i know this.

it deals with beauty and longing and this process of playing in the pain. it touches on my fear of sharing my story and helps me dip my toes in the water before jumping heart first into the unknown.

but it also takes a lot of risk.

a few days ago i read sarah mae's how to market and sell your eBook and immediately my mind began to connect pieces together. i've been toying around with lengthening some posts around here - creating a series out of them and fleshing out some of the stories. when i read her suggestions and noticed the pull inside - that thought of oh. i could do this....two things happened: i got really, really excited and really, really scared.

which pretty much tells me i have to do this.

i'm going to write something for the girls who feel damaged and used and forgotten. i'm going to write a manifesto, in the middle of my brokenness, for those who feel like they'll never measure up against standards set for them. and i'm doing it scared.

i've made every excuse in the book: i'm not ready. i'm not healed enough. i'm still processing my own journey. and it wasn't until just this morning - just three seconds ago - i realized i cannot wait. this book does not require perfection but messiness, and i'm in no better place.

so i begin.

Posted on June 30, 2011 and filed under books.