He calls me Grace.

there's a lot i struggle with on a daily basis. trust. food. fear. anxiety. body image. intimacy.

but none of this matters to Him. in His eyes, i'm beautiful. in His eyes, my words speak life. i'm always enough and never too much.

i still have trouble believing this, but i'm beginning to understand. the other day, in the midst of reading scripture and journaling, i heard His whisper faintly against my heart.

you are cherished. celebrated. known. chosen. created. pursued.

and then in the core of who i am, i felt the name He made for me. He said it slowly and gently, so i wouldn't question.

my child, you are Grace.

at first, i wanted to laugh. i'm anything but graceful. i trip on my own two feet, i stumble over my words, i snot when i cry. but these thoughts were quieted - and quickly. placing His finger over my heart, He silenced my doubt.

you are Grace. 

i began to believe Him then. i remembered my name, elora nicole, means God's Gracious Gift and Victorious One and i did laugh then because how else can you explain my life but through those definitions? i felt Him smile over me  - whispering the truth that i was already victorious over my shame and fear and anxiety. i thought of an ocean full deep of His grace and the wind-whipping nature of His love. and in this mess, this chaos, He steps in and sets order to my heart in disarray.

in that moment, i felt the truth of who i am in Him.

a stone-turned flesh, crown of beauty for ashes, resurrected child of God. 

i am Grace.

Posted on July 22, 2011 .