step into the light

my guest post was going to be anonymous. i didn't really think anything of it. the story i planned on telling is a piece of who i am - the reasoning behind some of my hang ups. but i didn't want some people getting a hold of it, and so i requested anonymity.

the more i thought about it, the less at peace i felt. i brushed it off as just cold feet but i knew there was something deeper at work. it wasn't until yesterday everything made sense.

let me back track a few weeks. in june, i went to michigan for a conference involving my new position at work. at the vey core of who i am as an educator, this position excites me - it involves creativity, collaboration and technology. for some reason though, that week i wrestled with the tendency to fall back behind the scenes. one morning, the sense of heaviness almost got the best of me. words spoken to me years ago were repeating themselves through the actions of my coworkers {unbeknownst to them} and i began to understand, once again, just how broken i am. 

i'm blogging over at mary kathryn's space today to celebrate her blogoversary. read more here

Posted on July 19, 2011 .