every day. every moment. every breath.

the day hasn't even dawned yet and i'm sitting at my desk in my office, the low hum of the fluorescent lights making a dance across the hallway. i'm tired.

i came in thinking a lot of things: i need to get ready for my storytelling class, i need to check my calendar for meetings, i need to desegregate the TAKS scores for tutoring...

but the only thing i heard was shhhhhhh. rest in Me - i'll lead you. 

i've been needing quiet lately. i think we busy ourselves too much in order to stifle the noise we hear inside. we're scared of what may come or what He may ask or what we'll have to face but really, even the most heartbreaking emotions are only for a moment. i know, i've felt them.

ever since last november, jubilee has been following me - pursuing me - chasing me until i turn and embrace it. it took me awhile, but somewhere in between i don't want to and please don't make me i just gave up resisting.

but i still resist. 

so this morning, i'm trying to embrace the silence before the storm. i'm resting in His peace and breathing deep grace and love and purpose. i'm remembering the Lord will fight for you - you need only be still. {exodus 14:14} and this isn't because i'm some type of super-Christian.

it's because i'm really, really broken and i really, really need Him. 

every day. every moment. every breath.


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Posted on August 31, 2011 .