for when you need to see some lovely

i've been learning a lot lately about what makes me giddy. there are a few things in my life where to truly indulge i feel a sense of quickening in my heart - a filling up in order to restore. like a two hour spa retreat with just me or a spontaneous late-night outing with my love or spending time with storytellers who dream and love and see the world's beauty in words and pictures and movies.

every time i experience these moments, i feel a little bit more free. as silly as it sounds, even if it's a picture on my computer or an idea i've never considered before or a quote that makes me breathe in sharp, i feel the chains fall away a little bit more.

so here are a few things that made me smile this week - i fully anticipate you'll join me and share the pretty things you've come across?


1. lately, i've had a thing for aslan. call it a knowing or whatever, but there's something majestic and wild about a lion. and this picture had me all in a tizzy because it's precisely how i envision Him.


2. i've been collaging/sketching/drawing lately and this picture is what i want my journal to look like. it's actually probably safe to say my journal's sketch pages look more scratchy and less artsy, but whatever. i loved this picture and it gave me some ideas on how to approach the page when i feel a little more artistic.

3. and i'm still craving the beach. especially with my home.

4. our apartment is slowly becoming more like a home, but we still have a few more decorative ideas. a wall similar to this, with a whole lotta frames mixed together, is definitely on my list. {and look at the colors. really. just look at them.} 

5. one of my absolute favorite things to find are pictures that reveal a bit of who i am - and what i hope to accomplish. this picture? the words and the colors and the feeling i get when i see it? yes. all of it. i stuck this picture in my if we had world enough and time board because if i did have all the time in the world, i'd sneak away from it all with russ and travel the country for who knows how long.


what did you find this week? what are some lovely things that you could share?

Posted on August 28, 2011 .