summer thanks

there's something about gratitude - about stopping for just a moment and thinking about that which is going well or that which is still in the midst of a chaotic whirlwind. i think it's too easy to rush through life packing and moving and working and sleeping and forget about the importance of breathing in His grace. it's all around us, you know. the sunrise exploding color into the sky and laughing until your stomach hurts and tears fall down your face - these are gifts. i haven't been faithful in writing mine down, and i hope to start again. i need to be reminded of His goodness. i need to immerse myself in His heart for me.

only then do i think i'll begin to fully understand the depth of His love.

counting with ann...

0113: sleeping in on sunday mornings 0114: turning 29 0115: hammock in food trailers and pedal powered blenders and gardens combining for communal simplicity 0116: prayers on walls - i give it all away 0117: friends and their example of dying to self in order to gain all of Him 0118: free wifi 0119: quiet moments in coffee shops 0120: crossing more off my fifty{before}thirty list

what are you thankful for today? 

Posted on August 1, 2011 .