there are a few books i will reread simply because i've been so impacted by the words i need to continually revisit the pages - getting something new every time i read through completely.
untitled is one of them.
i got the book before russ & i moved and in the midst of the messiness of boxes and revamping our life, this book was therapy.
that may sound silly, perhaps even a bit over the top. but i sat in the coffee shop by our house and fought the tears because there's not many times where i feel so understood as an artist. and when i finished the book, i wanted to pull out my pen and write and at the same time i wanted to give a copy to every single artistic person in my life. i was inspired. encouraged. challenged.
i opened my laptop in order to start writing a post about the fear i face as a writer {something blaine hogan touches on this book} and the internet crashed as soon as i signed in to my site. how fitting since hogan encourages us to slow down. look up. pay attention. 
i smiled as i pulled out my journal and wrote for a solid hour - thoughts and feelings and wonderings dealing with where i'm at as a writer and how i allow my fear to get in the way.
bottom line: this book is vital for someone who writes or creates in any way. the truth of bringing your insides out and acknowledging the lump in your throat are so very important. even if it's exposing the grittiness of life. even if the truth of life is shocking and uncomfortable. and allowing myself to be moved by my art is one of the most important pieces to the process of creating. 
because it's in those moments my writing and my story becomes authentic.
note: i did receive a free copy of this eBook to review, but the thoughts are my own and i simply can't encourage you enough to get a copy for yourself. it's amazing. truly. you can find the kindle version on amazon for 4.99
Posted on August 2, 2011 and filed under books.