advice i'm not sure i'm qualified to give {felipe's guest post}

I’m not sure how this is going to sound, I don’t think I am, at all, in the position of saying anything regarding people’s ways when it comes to writing, but if I were to encourage someone with the intention of writing something new, meaningful and deep, these are the words I’d come up with. Dear, fellow writer, be still — just write what you feel. Life is too short and too shallow to listen to shrill shouts and sordid summaries of what should and should not be thought and written and said. Play about with words and punctuation and grammar and syntax and — don’t get me wrong! — learn the rules. But learn them only so you know better how to break them, for once intentional and true. Fight conformance and concordance. The greatest weavers are those who’ve wrought new patterns of old thought. It may be there’s nothing new under the sun; write at night, then. Write bold and brilliant in words at once ephemeral and tangible; equal parts philosophical and true. Make people think, because it’s only in thinking we truly live; and it’s only in truly living we exist.

Someday, you’re gonna look up to somebody, and they’re gonna read your work — the ink-blood your fingers rent through pen on paper — and they’re gonna say it sucks. You will protest and protect your fledgling words, but they will beat you down. They will lecture you on rhythm and mode and form and structure. And you will tell them to shut up (I’m hoping not for real, but in your mind, to yourself), and you will write what you feel. Nothing new was ever created from convention. Take the dare. Look for the one who says your whatever is great and aim for them to say your whatever is amazing. Break substance for sustenance. You can’t communicate if you can’t circumvent the conservative.

Your poetry ain’t gotta rhyme, or fit a pre-destined rhythm or a pre-ordained structure to be beautiful and brilliant and bold. Your prose ain’t gotta be grammatically correct to hit soul. If it’s real, readers will feel. If it’s dealt as felt it’s loved, and no matter what’s ever taken away (and it will always be taken away), even if it’s wrong, it’s real. Young writer, be still — just write what you feel.

What you may not understand is that this thing you call “words” is a malignant tumor that must be excised from your soul. Before it starts eating you inside, I mean.



I don’t like anything I write. I am average, in many a sense. I am no one, nothing significant. The things that transpire in my life are merely word collections, tastes. Small semicircles of whispered lullaby. It does not matter what I write, how I write it and who reads. It merely matters that one writes, with heart, soul, body and mind — all the raw ingredients for honesty

I'm jewish, spontaneous, sarcastic and the editor-in-chief of a local newspaper in southern Brazil. I like talking to strangers and striking up elevator conversations. I think writing is all about keeping an open mind and dedicating time to get to know people - all kinds of people. Basically, my work is to paint the world with my light by strengthening myself and, hopefully, inspiring others.

Posted on September 6, 2011 and filed under creativity & rest.