creativity dances in the mirror of Rest {teresa's guest post}

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Let's get real. Let's be honest and admit that we adore doing — arting-out what is inside of usWe get a high from producing tangible evidence of what is radiating from within: our living-color proclamations, "what-about?" questions, and our "dare-I?" hopes and dreams. Because we can see the unseen in our mind's eye. And we long to share what we see with others.We view it as though it is a canvas, saturated with streaks of jet black ink, and splattered with intense, vibrant hues of cyan, magenta and scarlet red artistic expressions — awaiting proclamation and viewing, affirmation and collaboration. We seek confrontation and debate — as with the editorial process of revising a manuscript — eager to experience iron sharpening iron.

But sometimes the most productive and creative task is to rest. To be. To allow for clarity and for creativity to develop and take form.

We lose sight of the significance of our creativity in the torrid pace of our dailies — the minutiae of to-do's and to-be's of our one wild and precious life. We fail to value our creativity if it is not producing income or opportunity, or other tangible evidence of its existence.

But creativity is a white-hot burning passion — its heat undiminished when allowed to burn, and stoked regularly.

In our zeal, we resist ease and relaxation. We literally ignore any unrelated relationships and activities. We hoard time to enable us to explore it and to fan the flames of discovery. We steal away to a place within, or the quiet corner of a coffee shop ... where we open the door to our creativity and it comes, full-force ...spilling out. Our very being engorged with delight and the joy of it all.

And once we are in that place ... we are like young children pleading, "Just a little while longer?" "Please, momma, pl-e-ase?"

Without a balance of these "spilling out" times and rest, we cannot discern the creativity within us, as our vision is blurred by our decision for busyness. We make this choice to "do more" under the guise of being our best, of "getting it all out" ... However, {it} will not ever be "all out" ... {It} is our personal, ever-renewable fuel. It is our propriety blend of creativity — and only we can translate what is within us.

Creativity only dances in the mirror of rest. It is reflected and seen — experienced — at its height when we are at-ease.

Our creativity, discovered in rest, is not only a reflection of our story — it is specifically what we need, to empower us to share our story with others. As we do, it fuels a balance of light and reflection, intuition and action. Our creativity — our talents, our art — and our stories exist within us whether we share with others or not. It is a vital element of who we are, and woven within us by our Creator.

When we dare to share our stories — and when we pause to listen to the stories of others — the stories become more defined. And new elements are revealed, illuminated ... like secret messages from God.

Dear one, let's allow ourselves to rest. We have art within, and gifts to give. As we give, it shall be given unto us. We are precious, and valued. We are loved and protected. {Even when we do not feel it.}

The writer experiences everything twice. Once in reality and once in that mirror which waits always before or behind. ~Catherine Drinker Bowen

Are you arting-out {drawing, collaging, writing, speaking, living} what you know? Are you telling your story?

If not now, when? ♥

Teresa Robinson {aka stargardener} creates in the magic studio of her country home; her Life {version 1.3} is that of an artist, right brain planner and collaborator. She writes about what she knows {and yearns to know more about} as she celebrates life with her "Rocket Man" of 21 years. Life 1.1 was lived in the city, wearing suits and high heels as a political/business consultant. Life 1.2 was her Super Hero phase: trophy wife and mom to three, and advocate for parental choice in education. And she has not ruled out more updates to her Life! ;) Learn more about her creative adventures on Facebook or Twitter; or click over to her blog, Right Brain Planner.

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Posted on September 19, 2011 and filed under creativity & rest.