in which i announce something huge...

it all started with a post. it started with a post but it's ending with a published book.

yes, you read that right.

for the past few years, i've mentioned a lot about my manuscript. i even posted in june about my hesitancy to share that i submitted my manuscript to rhizome publishing for a contest.

in case you're curious, i didn't win.

and i was totally okay with this. really. i was just so amazed at the way God moved and gave me words when i needed them most. i was still blown away i actually finished the thing - let alone stopped thinking long enough to hit the send button on the e-mail for the contest.

so i started researching self-publishing. i thought surely it can't be too difficult...and spent a lot of time with squinted eyes directed toward my laptop screen.

and then i got a dm. from rhizome.

please check your said.

and well...they're publishing my book. 

it's all kind of mind-numbing. somewhere between thanksgiving and christmas, my words will fill the screens of kindles and nooks and iPads. stephanie's world, as heartbreaking as it is, will not be secret anymore. my characters will jump off the screen and into homes and such and it's just so overwhelming to think about, really.

mind you, this has been four months in the making. i've had four months to process and i'm still struggling to wrap my brain {and heart} around it all. so, i'm knee deep in editing and praying for more words and wisdom.

so i'm stepping away for awhile. i have a few friends who will be visiting this space, but for the most part, i'll be taking a hiatus to focus my words somewhere else.

pray for me? as exciting as this whole process is, the topic of my novel is emotional and gut-wrenching and requires all of my heart running fast and hard after our Father's own pursuit of rescue. it's tough. it's draining. but it's the story i've been given and it's the story of far too many girls, and so i'll write.

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