the claustrophobic noise {prudy's guest post}

I'd been feeling it for a few days.  Pressure.  On every side, I felt as though  my life was a giant pressure cooker.  I needed quietness to dispel the claustrophobic pressing. Between life as a wife & homemaker, an employee at an IT firm, friend, daughter, & sister, my life felt heavy.

My darling husband is excellent at allowing me "wife time" in the evenings, but this time lately has been filled with TV.  I rarely allow myself time just to be - and even my just being time I fill with unimportant things.  This weekend I'd reached my boiling point, and it was this post that made me realize just how claustrophobic I was feeling.

So, I asked my husband if I could have some time.  Quietness to realign myself.  To shut down social media and the TV.  To open onion skin pagesrather than Holy, inspired, words of technological format.

He helped me clear off a big cozy chair in our living room and I rested.  I sipped french pressed coffee and tasted His goodness.

And here I found peace.  I found words.  I felt the pressure easing.

Just as much as we were designed for community, we were also designed for communion.  For separating ourselves from the noise of this world and relishing in the attention given by our Creator.

I'm recognizing my need for this more.  For communion with my Savoir and disengagement from everything else that tries to steal my affections.  Then, all that's left for me to do is drop the burdens in my hands and run to the quietness.

Thanks also to encouragement from my husband, knowing I need space for quiet, we're going to clean up and reorganize our "spare bedroom" into some place where quiet can exist without having to leave the house.  Some place I can shut the door and commune.

How do you steal away from the noise?
Do you have a special place you go?


Prudence is a wanna be writer who lives in the metropolis of Arizona with her husband Shawn and two Chihuahuas.  She writes her heart.  At her core she aches for the poor and the orphan and those far from God.  She's learning to live a life of grace and to wait expectantly and patiently for God's next big thing in her & Shawn's life.

Posted on September 6, 2011 and filed under creativity & rest.