{day 12} learning how to ask questions about your story

the great metaphysical poet, john donne, writes, 'to come to a doubt, and to a debatement of any religious duty, is the voice of God in our conscience: would you know the truth? doubt, and then you will inquire.' if my religion is true, it will stand up to all my questioning - there is no need to fear. but if it is not true, if it is man imposing strictures on God {as did the men of the Christian establishment of Galileo's day} then i want to be open to God, no to what man says about God. i want to be open to revelation, to new life, to new birth, to new light.

revelation. listening. humility.

remember - the root word of humble and human is the same: hummus: earth. we are dust. we are created; it is God who made us and not we ourselves. but we were made to be co-creators with our Maker - madeleine l'engle

i don't think we like to question. i think most of the time, we are content with our life as-is and we fail to wonder if there's a better way. if we take the time to find questions - to poke and prod at life and approach it with child-like wonder, i think we'll stumble onto much of our story. 

when we're children, creativity comes naturally - even if much of our childhood is stripped away. ursula leguin says the creative adult is the child who survived - and i think it makes complete sense.

so if this is true, the question becomes how will He use this for my good to bring Him glory? 

are you brave enough to ask? do you believe He will answer?

what questions are you needing to ask in order to find your story?

Posted on October 12, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.