{day 14} there's only one story

in east of eden, one of my favorite books in all the land, steinbeck writes about there being only one story. one story.

so characters find conflict and the sense of choice - timschel - and this is what makes them great. it’s what makes us great as humans, according to steinbeck.

and i think he’s on to something. i think there’s a choice involved in this mess we live in - and it’s something i’m trying to remember even now in the middle of chaos and counseling appointments and adoption paperwork and choosing to believe russ when he tells me i'm beautiful or wants to stand up for me.

we have to believe in His healing. we have to believe - and cling to the very Truth that what lies behind us makes us who were are today - and He will use every bit of it for His glory.

{and Him using those pieces for His glory isn't selfishness but an intense love}

if a character ever decided “you know what? what happened before? it doesn't matter. it didn’t really happen. i’m just going to forget about it and move on...” we all know what would happen - he wouldn’t ever really move. the story becomes stagnant because in that moment the character chooses to remain the same.

not a very interesting story.

for years, i chose stagnancy. only until i chose to embrace my story - the complete story - was i able to feel the ripple effect of change take over. i started seeing myself as He sees me and noticed little things that make me...me. i grabbed hold of my propensity to see things in story form and celebrated my need for beauty and words and creating things. i bought a sketch pad and pencils and allowed myself to resist the urge of pushing deep and letting things out in the open.

i became honest with my hurts and more willing to listen to the hurts of others.

i saw Him in the sunrise and the baby nursing at his mama’s breast and in the wind against my face. i felt Him in the theatre and i heard Him in song.

i learned how to experience Him in all His Beauty and i learned to let Him pursue me.

{even though He already was}

Posted on October 14, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.