{day 16} reading your story

redemption - freeing of the soul and the body from death to life, loosening of injustice, assaulting disease, growing of crops for the hungry, comforting the dying, teaching a child to read, delivering a warm greeting to a neighbor, helping a child to tie her shoe - is all about saying a divine yes to glory. and for each of us there is a script written that is contoured to our deepest passions, that reflects our core character and our truest calling. we are written to be real, and there is something in every heart that knows when we are and when we are not - dan allender

there have been few moments in my life where i felt alive. i mean, obviously i'm still alive because i'm breathing and thinking and moving - my brain's still functioning - but these moments were life-giving and exhilarating.

one was in the height of my involvement with invisible children, and the others are when i'm writing. every once in awhile, i feel the excitement brimming when i'm dealing with educational reform - learning how to engage reluctant learners, finding ways to reach students and mold them into writers and thinkers, and anything dealing with creativity within the classroom.

i think there are a few key elements here: fighting injustice, storytelling and creative thinking.

notice how they all weave together?

there's still a lot i don't know. i waver daily about where i want to be a year from now. i have for the past seven years of teaching. but i try not to think much of it because i know i'm in the place God wants me in right now and that's really the only thing that matters.


what happens when given an opportunity? do you read your life? do you pause long enough to react to your story - the one He's placed you in - and notice themes that could lead you in the right direction?

for instance: take a look at the past six years of my life -

1. marry Russ 2. move to belton and get a job teaching high school english 3. start graduate school 4. second year at bhs, learn about invisible children & share with my students 5. organize school-wide assembly with invisible children roadies 6. also within the second year, become pre-ap coordinator 7. go to san diego for invisible children conference 8. learn about sex-trafficking 9. go to austin conference for invisible children & meet people who will become some of my closest friends 10. go to north carolina with people we met at austin conference. it is here God tells me, "tell the stories of the world" 11. move from pre-ap coordinator to junior-level team leader 12. become the first graduate at umhb with masters in curriculum & instruction - emphasis in english & service learning 13. take part in invisible children's the rescue - russ travels with rescue riders, ends up on oprah - i stay and help with austin's event and spreading the news via twitter 14. move to austin 15. write come alive 16. join ascc's storytelling team 17.  meet reagan crew 18. go to africa 19. get instructional facilitator job at new tech school - focus on creativity, collaboration and technology 20. learn that come alive will be published via kindle, iPad and nook

and somewhere in between all of those are smaller moments with just as significant an impact. russ losing his job. coffee shop runs to austin on a sunday night. spending time watching youtube clips of adoption stories.

every moment is purposeful. 

and if i were to receive an opportunity tomorrow - one dripping with promise and success - i would be a fool to take it if it didn't match my story. and i've almost done this in the past. i've almost sacrificed the story He's building in order to create one i feel necessary.

but i think it's obvious the themes He's building in my life.

and if you take the time to read the moments of your life, you'll understand the themes He's building in your own story. because our stories are not just for us to hold - they're for others to see and react to His goodness and faithfulness. i've been blessed with incredible opportunities in my life - but they are nothing i did on my own and they are an integral part of my story He wrote for me.

to settle for anything less would be disobedience.

take a moment and think about where you're at - are you being real with yourself? are you reflecting your core character and truest calling? 

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