{day 18} when your story intersects with another

here's a confession: there have been many times i've almost shared my story. all of it - the gruesome details and the lingering hope, the dark spaces and the redemptive light. but i always stop short and it's always for one reason.

i'm afraid of the repercussions from those playing characters in my story.

let's be real for a second here, shall we? how do you wrestle with the truth of those wounds left festering? i mean, truth is truth. it may not be comfortable but it's still fact.

so how do you give honor to your story without divulging the secrets of another?

the only answer i've ever been able to come up with is this: by holding tight to grace. 

because only with grace can we recognize our healing despite the brokenness caused by others.

without it, bitterness sneaks in and points the blame. the story shifts and becomes not the redemption narrative but one full of shame and contempt. our focus blurs and we lose our purpose.

i don't know when i'll ever share my complete story in this space - i know it's calling me. i also know there are still too many things left unsaid - too many stones left unturned. slowly, i'm learning. memories are returning. the puzzle finding pieces fitting together. eventually the words will come.

but for now, i'm clinging to grace. it's the only thing i know.

Posted on October 18, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.