{day 20} why i write and how i find balance

i write to discover. lately, this process throws me a little off kilter. i'll think of something to pursue in writing and then i get busy and lose any sense of inspiration. when i finally do get around to throwing words on paper, it feels forced.

like right now.

and i think i'm still working on figuring out how to balance it all. i'm still working on my book. i sent in my second draft toward the end of september and am now in the middle of articulating the "why" and figuring out ways to promote the book. i'm learning...a lot. but i'm finding it difficult to carve time for writing just because.

so i'm taking off tomorrow and sleeping in. i plan on reading a lot - because reading always gives me more words. i plan on finally e-mailing my editor back {sorry, John} and give him the author bio i've been ruminating on for the past few days.

i will also struggle through the next chapter of the study i'm working on, finally giving my heart some time to settle on Truth.

and then tomorrow night i will gather my love close and break bread with a friend i've only known online. we'll probably talk story. we'll most definitely talk writing.

this is how i find balance - learning when to pause for refill and making sure i do what i can to get those moments/days for creative reflection. for me, it's essential for storytelling. without it i'm lost.

what are some ways you find balance in writing?

Posted on October 20, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.