{day 24} stumbling into your calling

[caption id="attachment_2364" align="alignright" width="300" caption="special thanks to MessyCanvas.com for originally posting this"][/caption] sometimes our dreams aren't lost - they're just hiding for awhile. almost as if the drudgery of daily life gets in the way and clouds our view. it's easy to forget when you aren't focusing on the possibilities of your future story...

when we first started dreaming together, we let nothing stop us. i remember it clearly: the flushed cheeks, the quickened heartbeat, the excited whispers...nothing was going to stand in our way of doing what we were called. 

and it wasn't until this weekend that i realized i hadn't even thought of this dream for seven years.

almost as quickly as it was born, it fell back into the less important words and phrases of my heart. but now it's coming back and it's refined with the fire of redemption and conflict. looking back at the past few years, i see the training of our souls - preparing us for this very moment.

and let it be known - prayers of the saints do wonders {you know who you are}.

so now i carry this dream lightly wherever i go. i feel it moving and growing. i see moments of my story reflecting His purpose for me - how every moment and every question points to this direction. it's not the same as it was when i sat on my bed in that college apartment and listened to the voice that still sets loose the butterflies - but i do still react the same way.

almost as if i'm about to set foot on a grand adventure with my best friend.

i think this is what it must feel like when you stumble into your calling - when you take the time to notice the themes in your life really do exist for a reason.we just have to do the work - even if it means sifting through the ashes - because this is where our vulnerability and the world's biggest issues intersect.

and in this moment - this specific instant - our purpose is revealed.


Posted on October 24, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.