{day 27} something to remember

When I started writing my novel back in 2009, I didn't set out to write about human trafficking. I just wanted to tell the story of a girl we mentored, but I wasn't surprised when my characters took on a life of their own and what came of their words was a tale I'd never imagined.

I first heard about trafficking in 2007. A dear friend would send me articles from the BBC about trafficking rings being found and he would include this simple question: how come US News didn't cover this?

It bothered him, and it bothered me. It was one of the few issues I actually lost sleep over. I researched, contacted organizations and learned as much as I could about this topic because I couldn't let it go - the abolitionist blood in me began to boil - I couldn't understand why it wasn't being talked about. And then that summer, in the middle of North Carolina mountains, I heard God whisper tell My stories - tell the stories of the world no one knows. 

Two years later, in the midst of me writing, sex slavery was a little more known. But it was still ignored.

I think this is why I'm so adamant about spreading the word, really.

Because it's one thing to not know about human trafficking and it's something all-together maddening to know and choose to not act.

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Posted on October 26, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.