{day 28} for when you're exhausted

it's been a tough week. and here, at the end of it, i'm begging for some rest and praying that i'm not coming down with something. i haven't gotten a full night's sleep in a few days and yesterday, in an attempt at reclaiming some of that lost time, i crashed for three hours.

so this makes me wonder: at what point do you say stop?

at which level of exhaustion do you keep pushing, keep growing, keep moving

and at what moment do you breathe deep and say enough? 

because right now i'm wanting to crawl into my bed and hide for a few days. i'm wanting to close my eyes and wake up refreshed, not stressed. i'm wanting to grab a piece of fiction instead of the many {rather good} nonfiction books i'm juggling and lose myself in the characters of actual stories.

i ate lunch with some friends yesterday, and started tossing out some dreams and hopes of the future. i couldn't help but add though, "i wonder if part of this is escapism?" and we laughed at the thought because they know my tendency to flee.

but at what point is escapism perfectly okay?

or maybe when it's true and right and needed it's not escapism - at least to you. others may shake their heads and wonder when you fell off your rocker but you know - deep in your knower - this is the story God's written for you.

for the past 28 days, i've written about finding and telling your story. part of me can't wait until the 31st because the pressure to write every day - to produce and make it something worthwhile - is just excruciating. but part of me - the part that knows i still must press deeper - knows there's so much more to cover.

so i'm tired. i'm confused. i'm hesitant with sharing but i'm wanting to provide vulnerability. much hasn't changed in the past few weeks - but one thing sticks out the most.

i know now more than ever that story - your story - can change things. regardless of what others believe.

Posted on October 28, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.