{day 31} write it down.

it's hard to believe october is already over - it seems like just yesterday it was beginning and i was wondering if i was crazy or half-baked thinking i could do something like post daily. i did it though.

and i've learned something.

writing takes work and writing takes practice.

also? this whole finding and telling your story theme never ends. ever. the more you wade, the deeper you fall. i started out this month believing this was the topic for me to focus on - that God would miraculously fill my mind and heart with words every day - and He did. but what i wasn't anticipating was the grueling work of digging around in the debris of this past year.

i'll be frank: i don't know everyone who reads this blog.

and that kinda freaks me out - especially when talking of story. 

but i've grown over the past 31 days, and it's been a give and take process. some posts seemed more introspective, some vague. others bent toward you - whispers of advice i've kept close these past few months. looking back, i see how i've become bolder - more outspoken. i don't cower as much and i take ownership of my past. although i still haven't shared minute details, i know one day i will - and this is where i want to encourage you.

don't rush the process of sharing...but write it down. all of it. 

here's a promise: your editors will come when you need them.

i started writing a book over the summer. i have a cover - it's beautiful. i have words and phrases and stories that parallel the deepest grooves of my heart. i finished writing it in a week, and haven't really touched it in a few months. it's short. and i thought at first it would be a mere suggestion of where i've been.

i'm beginning to see the need to flesh it out a little more. i think what i have now is an outline - a treatise if you will. because my story, although difficult, is just now beginning. 

and i have a feeling in order to believe it myself, i'm going to have to write it down.


i'd love for you to practice "writing it down" in the comments. when i say, "what's your story?" how do you respond?

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