{day 7} fighting resistance

inevitably, on the coattails of you beginning to do the work involved with finding your story there will be something that comes up and tries to stop you. it could be the fear of others knowing. or the exposing of truth. or the hesitancy to feel. or the busiest schedule of your life. or the biggest fight with your spouse. or even another really good thing capturing your interest and focus.

the reasons are endless. but what we must remember is this: resistance will do anything to keep us from the redemptive power of story. 

because story names us, and resistance wants us invisible. story heals us, and resistance wants us crippled.

although the fear paralyzes us, we must do it afraid. forget what others will say. ian cron says we must remember others do not hold the intellectual property of our pain. cling tight to the truth you know. breathe deep the feelings - all of them. close your eyes and let the pain or the worry or terror penetrate every crevice.

i promise if you do this the feeling will subside.

the fear, the pain, the worry will not overtake you - because greater is He who loves you. 

and He wants you free.

because your past - your story - may speak of pain. but it also reveals a piece of His character that only you can share with the world.

Posted on October 7, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.