{day 8} letting yourself live.

i didn't really want to go. i came home from work and fell into our bed, looking forward to a night of rest and relaxation. when russ asked if i was planning on going to turkish tea, my immediate response was no, in fact i do not. 

but i sucked up my pity-party-wanna-be-alone-and-stuck-at-home attitude and said, sure. 

and you know what? in the middle of turkish pizza {no really} and some amazing tea, i realized something.

sometimes you have to live.

let go of the looking, set aside the writing, and live. 

this probably sounds weird to some. of course you live - you live until you die...right?

but for anyone like me, far too often you opt for the quiet rather than the noise of life. you decide to stay in rather than go out with some friends.

it's good to let go of your comforts for awhile.

sitting in a turkish community center with people from kazakhstan, mongolia, china and texas, i was reminded of the connectedness of story.

i heard stories of families being driven out of their country for political and religious reasons. i saw babies cling to their mamas and husbands look lovingly toward their wives and i just knew despite our differences, for those few hours we were all the same.

language barriers meant nothing. assumptions were left at the door.

and there was a whole lot of laughing involved.

so here's my humble encouragement for this weekend: breathe deep the friendships. cling tight to your other. don't be afraid to laugh-out-loud.

somewhere in the middle, you may find another piece of your story.

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Posted on October 8, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.