{day 3} knowing the power of your story

i'm sitting here, watching the blinking cursor in the "add new post" page. it's day three of finding {and telling} your story here on the blog, and i haven't necessarily hit a writers' block, but i have experienced a brick wall of sorts. and i'm filled with an overwhelming sense of fear in moving forward. 

it would make sense that shortly after starting this series i would experience a shutting down of my own story. yesterday, sitting in a coffee shop with a friend, i realized something i already suspected: for the past week i've purposefully separated myself from my own story. i've set it aside, deemed it unworthy and left it alone.

and this is a very dangerous place to be emotionally. 

you see, story - and storytelling - is healing. and when i get in this spot of snubbing my nose at what i've been through, i'm essentially telling God, "thanks anyway, but i'd rather not deal with that right now."

and well, this is disobedience.

for the past few months, i've felt a distinct pull to share my story. in order to share it i have to know it - and i can't get there if i'm constantly pushing it away for fear of the darkness. and here's the Truth of it all - the most important thing i {and you} have to remember:

sharing your story - knowing your story - is a way to bring light to darkness. 

this is the power of story. hearing yourself in someone else's story is probably one of the most powerful tools in healing. and i tell my students this all the time. i look at them and get all preachy and teary-eyed and let them know they never know who needs to hear their story and beg them to write it down - to declare themselves - because someone's gotta listen.

so here's to that next step - that breathing deep and opening your mouth to speak. the slow turn to face the past if only to shine the light of redemption in the crevices where those dark shadows lurk and haunt. speak your story - even if you're whispering. even if you're doing it scared.

i'll be here listening, waiting for my turn to share.


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Posted on October 3, 2011 and filed under finding{and telling}your story.