five minutes

i just want five minutes. five minutes to close my eyes and not think of lesson plans or missing students or dented bumpers or lack of sleep.

five minutes to sit and write - anything, really - just let my imagination take me places.

unedited, unaltered, uninhibited.

i feel like lately my brain has been on overdrive. there is only eight days {eight!} left before Christmas break and every inch of me is craving space. i want a place on my couch and a blanket over my lap and a book that's completely captured me.

i crave inspiration.

but i push on and take deep breaths and remember that soon, these five minutes i've been given right now will be over.

and what will i have done?

i want it to be good.

if you got five minutes - just five - what would you spent them doing?


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Posted on December 6, 2011 .