a reminder: finding gratitude

it's hard to count gifts when you're leaking tears of exhaustion. this past week, i fought to see the silver lining. late nights at work, not much time with my love, saying goodbye to friends...

all in all, it was a tough week. nothing changes that fact.


i'm learning the lenses of hope and grace reveal the finer things: a hand to hold. a voice on the other line. a reminder to {abide}.

i received a surprise in the mail this week - a gratitude journal from a friend who knows me well. i plan on recording my thoughts there - marking them in ink and making big the small. i hope to return to the habit of leaving them here for you as well - a reminder to stop and breathe and give thanks.

even in the rush of time.

so here are my gifts, starting clean:

0001: a gratitude journal from a friend, encouraging me to write down the big and the small.  0002: finding courage and hitting publish on that which scares me - my words. 0003: time and quiet to work on my to-do list 0004: a tribe of rebels and bravehearts that encourages me, challenges me, pursues me and celebrates with me. 0005: bacon and chocolate chip cookies for a friend 0006: joining hands and praying over those leaving us for something far greater 0007: a day to sleep, to recoup, to snuggle deep and enjoy the solitude 0008: a tunnel vision glimpse of eternity in the middle of the airport 0009: friends who join with us and believe baby Ramirez will one day find our arms. 0010: afternoon naps and feeling the arms of my home wrapped around me.

what are you thankful for today? 

Posted on January 23, 2012 .