a review: every writer's dream & before your first book

when i wrote my eBook this summer, i knew i needed to get it in the hands of a few people who could help me promote it. i immediately offered to send it free to those who would look over it and give me feedback, and then i purposefully messaged or e-mailed those i wanted to read it because i trusted their wisdom. i did one of the things jeff goins talks about in both of his eBooks - i asked.

however, i didn't do another thing, and because of this i wish i would have read every writer's dream before i wrote my eBook and decided to shelf it for a few months.

i didn't follow through.

sure there were a few e-mail exchanges between me and readers. but it wasn't purposeful. i let my fear get in the way of "shipping it" as seth godin says and i didn't publish.

i waited. my book waited. the readers waited.

i'm not sure what would have happened if i would have taken the opportunity to fully use my contacts or if i would have taken the step of faith and published my eBook then instead of this past week. i'm a firm believer in timing and when i didn't feel peace about releasing my words, i backtracked severely.

what i do know is that jeff's wisdom is needed in the world of publishing - especially now when anyone can publish their work.

i'm learning from my mistakes. i'm learning to trust my instincts {and my voice} and i'm slowly building a community of people i can turn to for help. but one of my biggest assets is this {it's a secret} -

i love writing. 

i do. i adore words and how phrases fit together into sentences...and even if i'm never published again, even if my platform is my measly bookshelf e-store on my website, i'll be okay. because i love it. 

writer, this is your weapon. do not let the love die.

if there are stories inside you - if you are burning with ideas of articles - you need these resources. reading the first book, every writer's dream, i wanted to create something great. it encouraged me and challenged me and pointed a finger at my blank page while reminding me that writing is the same as bleeding.

and then jeff follows this with a second book, one that forces us to pause.

if you write, you know one thing: it's difficult to pause. 

but with reminders about brainstorming and examples of pitches and differentiating between content and relationship, he offers something huge for writers of all backgrounds - a nod of understanding.

writing takes every fabric of who we are as humans. thinking back over my last eBook, i can see things i would change. looking forward to the next one, i now have a guide to help me make it as successful as possible. to me, this is invaluable.

grab these two books here and do something big.

the world's waiting for your story.


disclaimer: although i was given free copies of these eBooks to review, i wasn't expected to write positive feedback or encourage you to buy a copy. i just think it's that good. 

Posted on January 24, 2012 and filed under books.