aslan's mane

earlier this week i found an article that spoke of lions protecting a young girl being attacked by men in ethiopia. i sat at my desk, tears flowing down my cheeks, and thought of aslan. i could picture him, rallying the troops - fighting off these men - and holding the girl tight in his gaze until someone else arrived.

...i wonder if she in turn held tight to his mane.

of course he is not safe...but he is good. 

the article came the same morning as some other situations, and i reached out to a few friends for prayer. one reminded me of a sword so conveniently mailed to my house last week - taped to the top of a card, it reminded me that i was a warrioress and brave and...dare i say it? a rebel. 

another friend sighed with me and whispered hope - "i can't wait until this burden is lifted from your heart." those words rested against my soul and gave me breath for another day.

and then another, having seen the same article, looked me right in the eyes via the internet and spoke truth into the deepest places of my fearful heart: "baby, there are lions encamped around you."

it's a strange place to find myself. these friends breathe life into me and aren't afraid to gently push me to courage. they see the battle cry growing inside my chest and their fierce loyalty moves them to tears as they cheer me onward. others around me hold me close and whisper i love you's against my cheek and promise the swift break-in of new boots if the need arises. i see what's happening - see them gearing up for battle with me - and it's completely overwhelming.

it's kind of impossible to be invisible when they're around...

...and this is the thing i love the most. 

in exodus, one of my favorite verses reminds me that the Lord will fight for me - i need only be still.

and after this week, i wonder if some of those moments are seen in the battle cry of those around us who know our hearts well. sometimes, i just can't carry the weight around anymore. sometimes, the tears just fall sacred and i can't do anything but sit and rest.

is it any wonder my word for the year is {abide}?

so i'm learning to let others fight for me. to not be embarrassed to ask for help or bite my lip against the tears forming in their presence. i'm learning to see the lions - both human and spirit-flesh - encamped around my heart, waiting for the trumpet sound.

in the meantime, i'll be clinging to aslan's mane.


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Posted on January 27, 2012 and filed under abide.