thanking with my eyes closed

i can feel my eyelids fighting it. they begin closing on their own accord, aside from my obvious attempt to keep them open. but i keep typing.

i keep typing because words are spilling over - they must. this week has been a spilling over kind of week and without my words, my heart becomes this tangled mess of a beating thing and i'm unsure of where to go.

so i pen sentences, even with my eyes closed, because the words won't leave me alone.

and neither will the gratitude.

i think of the weighty presence last week will leave behind. almost like a grease stain it smears and makes it's mess known. but the burden lessens and my eyes catch the glance of those around me.

because i am surrounded.

and though right now my immediate memory stings of harsh emotional branding and an exhaustion that sinks below my chest, i have been reminded of protection and the goodness of One who holds my right hand. this is something i can cling to in the coming weeks - along with the holy charis of starting fresh.

so i continue and count gifts....

{0011} for words when i have none and finding my own in his voice {0012} for text messages and reminders to ROAR even if it sounds like more of a whisper {0013} the strength of brokenness {0014} the power of a hand reaching out to hold my own during moments of weakness {0015} last minute appointments just in time {0016} the beauty of spilled tears in the middle of restaurants {0017} firecrackers and leaning into his chest {0018} finding what i'm made of...and seeing that it's strength and goodness and full of ROAR {0019} e-mails from across the world {0020} seeing the words you're almost done! from my editor {0021} iced coffee when i just.can't.make.the.morning.right...

what are you thankful for today?


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Posted on January 30, 2012 .