when Beauty pursues you

this summer, i read how to market and sell your eBook by sarah mae. she inspired anyone reading to gather their wits about them and really think about what it is they would share - because really, anyone can publish an eBook. while reading i kept thinking to myself, "she's right. i can do this." as soon as those words would enter my mind, fear would begin creeping up my spine. i knew then this was a burning of the bones as the prophet Jeremiah states.

and so i wrote.

i thought about what messages kept coming back to me - what i couldn't get away from when i write. i knew then what i would share with you guys. you may remember. i wrote about it in july when i let you know i was starting and then again a week later when i gave you a peek into the first section.

over the past year, i've experienced what it truly means to rest in Beauty. it's hard and sometimes i still get caught up in running, but i know now that the little girl inside deserves my attention. to ignore her is to live half-hearted.

this is me embracing my story.

my biggest hope: you would find strength in your own story and remember that to live whole doesn't mean to live perfect, but willing. as i said in july...

this is for the girls who feel damaged and used and forgotten. it's a manifesto, in the middle of my brokenness, for those who feel like they’ll never measure up against standards set for them. 

this book does not require perfection but messiness, and i’m in no better place. are you?

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Posted on January 17, 2012 and filed under books.