finding church

we gathered together in front of a shop, people passing by in a hurry to catch their flight. we just wanted to take our time.

two of us were leaving. i'd been in denial all week long, unable to process what life would look like without them here. now, facing the minutes instead of days, my eyes saw the beauty through the tears.

you see, this is my church. it's not a building. it's not huge or trendy or lacking.

it's messy people living out a messy faith.

a year ago, i'd never imagined to find myself here - challenged and humbled by friends moving overseas.

but i am.

sitting at the table, we fought for humor.

"can we go ahead and agree to not go through something like this again for like...another two years?" i asked apprehensively. the group laughed. my friend next to me muttered under her breath, "oh gosh...seriously, right?"

but we all knew it to be unlikely. we all knew the roots growing deeper even as we spoke - seeds planted by the two leaving.

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Posted on February 16, 2012 .