mind the cape.

I think it is dangerous to let go of your dreams or tweak your dreams for other people, even people who are hurting and suffering. We think it is virtuous and admirable, but I have to believe we are wrong. You must, at all costs, be true to the dreams inside you, even the seemingly selfish ones. You must go after them, unpack them, peel the layers apart and go deeper into them. Wrestle with them. Wrestle with the One that wrote them on your heart. You must know yourself - tomorrow's dreams today

we sat around a table yesterday with friends. the city skyline in the distance, our laughter ricocheting off the window, our conversation quickly turned to dreams. it often does with this tribe.

russ spoke up, "it's been something i struggled with for awhile - this question of whether or not i'm being selfish with my dream. it doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice."

i smiled and grabbed his hand, knowing the tension of his words. there's a lot of poor theology centered on dream-catching and dream-sacrificing with the mask of helping other people. i know this because i've experienced it. i know this because i'm living it.

i'm a raging people-pleaser, your proverbial "good-girl" who doesn't like to ruffle any feathers. i think perhaps this is why mandy's eBook affected me so deeply, why my secret rebel friends make my blood pulse nervous and excited. i'm not used to thinking for myself.

if i'm not careful, the damn cape of expectations can reach out and strangle me before i know it. 

i'm learning what it means to take your dreams as your own. i'm learning the Truth of finding that which makes us come alive - that which was written into the fabric of who we are as individuals. i'm learning this is good and right and true and essential for the healing of not only my heart but those around me.

after russ admitted his hesitancy in pursuing a dream, one of the men nodded his head. "i get that. i really do. but...think of it this way: not everyone can meet others' needs and fill their soul through cooking." he looked at me. "not everyone can write a 94,000 word novel. you guys can. and this? this is your ministry. pursuing it will bring healing to others."

something in my heart woke a little to his words. see? she whispered. i told you. 

and i think in that moment i decided to start listening.

what about you? do you suffer from the cape mentality? are you tweaking your dreams for other people's approval?

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Posted on February 29, 2012 and filed under tomorrow's dreams.