{the marginal excuse}

during the week, my schedule gets crazy fast. before i know it, it's wednesday and i'm on the downhill slide toward the weekend. the weekend has become my refuge for creating. i'll shut the door to our room, turn on some music and let the words flow. i'll spend time cleaning {because this is more therapeutic than i'd like to admit} and let the motion of scrubbing the tub or sweeping the floor move my mind to another place.

it's life-giving, really. weekends are when i do my most dreaming. weekends remind me that life is more than just a five-day work week. and at the end of sunday night, i hesitate with looking forward to the busy-ness of the coming week.

this is where i focused my attention when reading about the marginal excuse.

in mandy's eBook, she talks about the excuse of i just don't have the time and you know what? it's always less about the time and more about priorities.

sometimes, these priorities are legitimate. but most of the time, our priorities reveal a slow crawl to mediocrity.

one of the things that stuck out the most was her explanation of making an excuse invalid. a few years ago, i participated in nanowrimo myself. it's actually where i wrote the bulk of come alive. for awhile, i had a system to continue the discipline into the week. russ was often gone in the evenings for school or work and so i'd find a comfy place on the couch and just write. 1666 words turned into 13,328 and all of the sudden i was a novelist. 

my schedule's a little different now. there are more things demanding my attention and it's difficult to find time at all during the day where i can focus and dive into words as much as i want. but again - this can't be an excuse.

this morning, i tried something new. normally, i'm at the school by 6:30am. today? i stayed home and didn't leave until 6:30. i purposefully set aside some time in the morning for me to reflect, read, pray and start my day without the hum of fluorescent lights or the questions of coworkers or students. i've realized lately my boundaries with work have gotten a little skewed, and in order to fix it i drew the line.

so now, mornings will be my own. although i was slow to wake up this morning, i hope i'll be just as disciplined knowing for the next few hours, i have the freedom to find inspiration and take those stepping stones toward my dream. now, i won't go screaming into the weekend not having created anything all week long. hopefully, i'll be better for it and so will my art. even more important: my dream won't be set aside on the shelf just for weekends.

time won't ever be an excuse.

what about you? how do you carve some intentional time for creating in your week? 

for next week :: we'll talk about the responsibility and have-not excuse. 

Posted on February 14, 2012 and filed under tomorrow's dreams.