tomorrow's dreams today

when mandy steward released her latest eBook, i downloaded it as quickly as possible. titled tomorrow's dreams today, the book nestled deep into an uncomfortable spot and waited. it kicked me in the gut.

i tried to take it slow. i tried savoring each page - each paragraph - so i could truly rest in the message. it didn't work. i finished the book in less than a few days {only because my schedule's been absolutely insane} and was left reeling.

lately i've felt the whispers of my dreams take shape again and it's so vital to pay attention to those secret messages. 

so i'm reading the book again and i'm inviting you with me. 

i've wanting to do a "book study" of sorts on this here blog for awhile now, and never really caught the right script that fit my space. this book? it totally speaks to what i've been battling lately - my need for creative space and the pull to protect this time at all cost.

so here's the deal. if you wanna join, purchase the book here. every wednesday, i'll post something about a specific section in mandy's book. for instance - next wednesday i'll cover part one about dissecting dreams. some posts will be an opportunity to explore questions she asks. others will be a way for me to share some of my own secret messages i've been experiencing.

and {this is what i'm most excited about} i'll be giving away two copies for anyone who really wants to participate but just can't swing the five bucks {or for anyone who likes free books. ahem. everyone.}

just leave a comment letting me know why you want to win and one dream that's been chasing you forever.

are you ready? so am i. let's play and dream a little, shall we?

Posted on February 1, 2012 and filed under this-here blog.