a dream refined.

a few years ago, my sister called with an idea. "what if we had this...i don't know...place for others to share their story? or we could tell the story of other people - in videos, poems, prose...

we'd call it stories for stories."

immediately, i was bit. devonte shared his spoken word and we watched amos find his forever home. almost 500 people "liked" us on facebook in the first 48 hours. but, as much as i loved helping my sister and as much as i loved hearing stories, this was her dream.

but it was about story - that which makes my heart skip beats. it didn't take long for me to see how it could fit within my own talents and abilities.

one day i called her with the same excitement she expressed in the first conversation. "i think i have it. i think i know how i want to help stories for stories. i want to travel around to high schools and give writing classes - preferably in lower income schools - and share the importance of story to these kids. the end product will be a narrative they've written - a piece of their story. and then? we can publish it on the website."

i could see it all - could feel it.

and just as soon as it appeared, the dream vanished.

not because i didn't foster it. that spring i mentored devonte, nijalon and devyne in writing and in the summer i taught a class in the for the city:: arts camp for teenagers in our area.

but for some reason, another dream started forming...perhaps a more crystallized version of the original. i did a series on my blog about playing in the pain and something started stirring in my heart about noticing the dark spaces in order to find the light. i stopped wanting to write others' stories and started craving the ability to encourage others to believe in the power of grace and healing and restoration - and the beauty of sharing those broken pieces with others.

and i started noticing the church shying away from topics because of discomfort.

so in my case, a dream didn't die - it just went through the fire and came out refined.

now, with everything changing around me, i can see how this dream - the one that keeps me up at night - is more tailored for my soul. i do teach, yes. i love teenagers. i love their heart and their built-in vulnerability and how their stories speak of resiliency and hope and belief. but i don't see myself traveling to high schools anymore.

instead, i see myself encouraging the church to swing wide the doors to story in order to see the Story in our lives. if there's anything this past year has taught me, it's that grace doesn't come without brokenness and healing doesn't come without some sort of shattering.

and we need to see the broken pieces set right. we need to be reminded of redemption - true restoration - and to celebrate the way Love rescues anyone.

even me.

even you. 

Posted on March 13, 2012 and filed under tomorrow's dreams.