a question of boundaries.

sometimes i feel my creativity may be seeping through the cracks. a few weeks ago, i mentioned my need for boundaries with work. i'd been putting in way too many late nights and early mornings and so i {respectfully} drew the line in what i would expect myself to do outside of normal work-hours.

then, after a few days of experiencing b l i s s f u l l separation, my boundaries exploded in my face. because of situations out of my control, i'm now leaving early again and staying later than planned.

this morning, i thought about the past week. i've written very little. this past weekend, i received the final proofs for come alive and i have yet to be able to write the author bio needed to move forward.

and then there's the adoption.

at moments, it feels like my life is going at break-neck speed and it's all i can do to take a breath and move forward. i know i need to rest. i know i need to carve space out for myself.

but how in the world do you accomplish this with everything around you demanding attention?

{no really. this is a question for you to answer.}

help this introvert out, please.

Posted on March 6, 2012 and filed under creativity & rest.