moments of reprieve

if you're not careful, you can blink and miss moments. the way rain falls haphazardly on your windshield, the quiet mornings where you can take a breath, evenings with friends spent laughing and dreaming.

some weeks crawl. others fly by without a second glance. this past week was more of the latter.

thursday night, russ and i took a moment and curled up next to each other in bed after work.

"i've missed this these past few days. why are we so busy again?" i asked.

he grunted an agreement and rubbed his thumb against my elbow. it was a question that didn't need an answer.

of course, this was a brief second of reprieve before jumping back into the fray - but it was absolutely delicious and made me that much more thankful for the minutes of rest in an otherwise crazy schedule. and this, i've realized, is really all that's expected.

join me in counting gifts ::

0051 :: 47 school days left before the deep sigh of summer 0052 :: morning conversations bringing restoration and understanding 0053 :: secret breakfast taco meetings with coworkers 0054 :: surprise {mistake} phone call from best friend 0055 :: being reminded of story wherever i go 0056 :: katniss on the big screen 0057 :: the feeling of words falling into my lap on the drive to work 0058 :: the hint of a new novel on my heart 0059 :: time to read 0060 :: bike rides with my man

what are you thankful for? 

Posted on March 25, 2012 .