the world needs your story.

i read a post the other day that caught my attention. does the world need stories? the article's title asked, and based on my last post and my finding and telling your story series in october, i obviously sat down to read what the author had to say. it's an obsession, this love of story.

imagine my disappointment when i realized tim parker wrote this piece to argue against our need for stories. he ends his article with

Personally, I fear I’m too enmired in narrative and self narrative to bail out now. I love an engaging novel, I love a complex novel; but I am quite sure I don’t needit. And my recently discovered ability, as discussed in this space a couple of weeks ago, to set down even some fine novels before reaching the end does give me a glimmer of hope that I may yet make a bid for freedom from the fiction that wonderfully enslaves us.

i realize a majority of the premise focuses on fiction, but flannery o'connor prided herself on speaking truth in her fiction and emily dickinson charged writers to tell the truth but tell it slant. 

bottom line :: fiction or not, stories are stories.

and we need them. desperately. 

in daniel pink's a whole new mind, he says that story is one of the leading modes necessary for the future. businesses are starting to shift their thinking in how they market products, nonprofits are changing the way they share updates and every second another blog {or a few hundred} pop up on the internet.

obviously, story is here to stay. 

yet, so many hesitate to share. there is power in storytelling, whatever your medium. secrets and judgment and fear completely fall away when someone opens his mouth to speak out against what binds him.

this, i have realized, is my purpose.

there is a tendency to stay tight-lipped with that which shames us - especially in the church. even pieces of fiction that celebrate redemption are vilified if it doesn't include some type of altar call. what we are left with are stories that weaken our creativity and bore us with good intentions.

and friends, we gotta stop this.

i'm in the middle of a new project - a manifesto, if you will. it's time we embrace stories. it's time we fling wide the doors of freedom and turn from shame and fear. knowing our story - the whole and dark of it - will only bring healing.

and sharing this story, even with quivering lips, will pave the way for others to experience the same.


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