when your heart goes bump against the night

there's another world than the one we live in now, and sometimes i feel its breath rush against my skin. i use to avoid it. a few years ago, we did a spiritual gifts training at our small church. i'm not ashamed to admit i tweaked the results, answering the questions i thought needed to be answered. this was before i understood the importance of claiming the you He created.

but i tweaked those answers and got hospitality. and i am hospitable - to a degree. after a few visits you're family which means i stop leaving the cups out and making you coffee. you know where everything goes...help yourself.

it was an email from our old pastor that forced me to pause. a simple question, sent out of nowhere ::

have you ever considered your gift of prophecy?

i stared at the screen, eyes scrunched. prophecy? like...telling the future and stuff? i mean, there were those moments where my chest felt on fire and the words flew out of my mouth before i knew what was happening - but prophecy? 

i'm over at deeper story today. join me?

Posted on March 21, 2012 .