where grace thrives

a few months ago i received a surprise in the mail. small and perfect, it was a journal specifically to keep my 1000 gifts close. i squealed, place the journal in my purse, and promised to be mindful of the small moments of grace that impact me every day. i wanted to count them one-by-one. never forgetting. and now, months later, i'm only on number 60.

but i'm learning the importance of grace. 

this past month has been crazy for russ and me. we caught the black plague or whatever was flying around this area and it lasted for weeks. we thought we cleared it only to fall again right before spring break. through this, i've experienced what it means to truly {abide}, frustration at continuing to do instead of be, gratitude at friends who come over at the drop of a hat to pray, and the reality of darkness.

there have been many moments where i've stopped and thought, "this. i'm so grateful for this." but i didn't write it down. there have been many moments where, in my fever-crazed state, i've thought of posts and topics to tackle and words that seemed to fly out of my head and into space - because i didn't write them down.

i'm learning this is okay. 

because the power of gratitude isn't in the writing down - although this holds a power of its own. the power is in the moment of thanks. the quiet whisper no one else hears.

i didn't start this counting gifts in order to check another box. i started it to learn grace in the hard. and i'm fumbling through it, for sure.

but this is where grace thrives. 

so i continue...

0041 :: boxes of new books delivered right before spring break and the ability to build a library from scratch 0042 :: the strength of vulnerability and the soul-quaking experience of healing 0043 :: friends who will come over to pray over us during sickness, knowing the battle we fight is not flesh and blood 0044 :: doctors who see the whole picture and think twice before providing medicine 0045 :: a week to rest and fully recover before jumping back into school 0046 :: the 50 some odd days left until summer break 0047 :: emails from our adoption agency and knowing we are so. close. to be approved 0048 :: time alone to process and pray and write and read 0049 :: a new moleskin journal for dreaming and words 0050 :: a publisher who is willing to rethink strategies of marketing books


what are you thankful for?

Posted on March 18, 2012 .