many thanks

the clouds glowed this morning on the way to work - golden with the pink of a new day. it gave me hope.

i've been struggling lately. there are a lot of ways the theology in my heart doesn't match up with what i'm reading in the Bible. i'm learning to let go of hiding, learning to let go of fear.

so i'm thankful for the moments where i'm reminded of His beauty. the sunrise, the cool breeze, the sudden rain - it all pushes away the other. when i'm faced with His reminders, there's no where for me to look but Him.

counting gifts...

0091 :: the sun rising in the morning, spilling colors on a desolate sky 0092 :: finding poetry in the crisp morning breeze 0093 :: early morning rides with my love 0094 :: a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables from our favorite market 0095 :: encouragement of "me toos" when i need them most 0096 :: dinners with friends 0097 :: finding hope in the midst of the unknown 0098 :: realizing there's so much i do not know - but more i want to learn 0099 :: falling deeper into His love 0100 :: feeling the jolt of purpose

what are you thankful for?

Posted on April 23, 2012 .