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Magic exists. Anyone who has ever given birth, played in the Super Bowl or visited the Olympic Peninsula can attest to that. Belief has the inexplicable quality to illuminate reality. Sometimes, we can't see the truth until we allow it to dwell in us - brandy walker

i've always been an idealist. 

i believe a story can change the world. i believe if given an opportunity, story moves others to action. like when i sat behind the computer screen and watched my husband perform song and dance outside of oprah's studio, singing in the name of love. it was story that brought these vagabonds together, and it was story that catapulted the fire-starters to fame a month ago when they launched kony 2012.

i believe in the power of your story.  

i believe rescue is always possible. i know where i'd be without the One who rescued me and i hope and believe in this type of rescue for those who've known any sort of pain.

i believe love wins and no, i'm not talking about the book. i have been known to write love on my arms as well as my students' so we can remember. the love of Christ flows deeper than any wound, and whether writing over razor scars or the invisible ones that run deep, i've found the felt-tip of a sharpie does wonders in helping you keep perspective.

i believe anyone can be creative. i think we do ourselves a disservice by working, not resting, and assuming status quo is sufficient.

i believe young people can do infinitely more than we expect from them and because of this, our schools are suffering. i've always wondered what would happen if we instilled a belief in students to accomplish the impossible rather than anticipate discipline problems. i have a feeling many of our teenagers in society would surprise us with their lack of apathy when given the chance to care.

i believe in magic. i've seen miracles and have met angels and know this world is not our reality. and like brandy, i think God uses dogs more often than we care to admit.

i believe i do not know enough about God and that i'm learning more and more how to fall in love with Him. i think this is all He really wants, too - me resting in Him and letting Him love me. i'm pretty sure i could do nothing more for the rest of my life and He would still love me the same. because of this, i'm moved to do more and am more willing to let Him mold me to the woman He created me to be for His glory.

i believe He chose me. i know all things work together and to say anything opposite would be to completely negate the darkness i've seen and would completely take away my hope. because He chose me, because He knew me and still loved me...even then...i am filled with gratitude.

i believe i cannot do it all. 

but He can.

and i'll rest in that Truth.

these are just a few of the things that make me who i am - there's more and i'd venture to say these really just scratch the surface. but. writing them down makes them real and helps me not forget. 

and if you do the same, looking closely, i believe you'll begin to see your purpose.

so...what do you believe? 

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