co-connivers :: children know.

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Do what you were made to do. Throw your heart, soul and skin into it. Breathe life into your dreams. And they will breathe spirit back to you - brandy walker

i still remember settling into the chair at my desk as a little girl. the desk, a white and yellow-trimmed canvas, held scribbles and doodles from years of wear and tear. i would situate myself, grab the nearest dr. seuss, and breathe deep before opening to the first page.  i'd read through the story, making my own comments where i thought necessary.

i taught myself how to read. i remember the joy i felt when i scrawled the word s-t-o-p on a spare sheet of paper while sitting off to the side of my grandmother's aerobics class, entertaining myself. i don't ever remember a time in my life where i wasn't reading or writing or thinking - it all just came to me.

almost as if it was second nature, as if i was meant to live my life through words.

here's a hint :: more often than not, our child-selves know what we're meant to do in this one wild and precious life. we just get too busy with the shoulds and forget our purpose.

my challenge for you today - listen. really listen. 

what was it you wanted to do when you were younger? how is this different than what you're doing today?

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